Balkans ImmigrationBalkans ImmigrationBalkans Immigration
Balkans ImmigrationBalkans ImmigrationBalkans Immigration

Refund Policy

The client will be entitled to claim a refund in case the rejection is for reasons other than;

  • Health problems
  • Criminal Matters (Any)
  • Forging or the Presentation of false/fake documents
  • Not respecting the governing Regulations
  • Not attending the medical exam
  • Not submitting the required documents to the relevant governing body that require.

The total time frame for the whole process to be done is 06 to 08 months. Time frame varies from country to country and maximum time we are giving to the clients is 08 months.

If the client decided not to migrate for any reason, all the paid fees are not to be refunded to the client. The company shall be cleared from any and all conditions, liabilities, and obligations determined in this agreement.

If the rejection is not due to any of the aforementioned reasons, in that event reference to the payment plan the client has the right to claim the 100% refund against the amount paid as agreed and the refund application shall be processed within 15 working days.

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