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Work Permit in Malta

Work Permit in Malta

Malta, which is part of the European Union, has a high employment rate in its various industries which is an attractive factor for overseas jobseekers to look for a job here. People from outside the EU or EEA have to apply for a work permit in order to work here.Working in Malta unquestionably accompanies its points of interest, but one has to keep in mind that any foreign employee hired must have an appropriate visa and Malta work permit to work around Malta legally. 

In case you don’t know how to get your Malta work permit, you are sure to risk operational delays and even charges if your organization is resistant with the local laws and guidelines. If you are someone who belongs to UAE and are looking for Malta jobs in UAE, your process can be made easier with the help of BALKANS Immigration

Is a Work Permit required to work in Malta?

Because of Malta’s accession to the EU, residents of EU/EFTA nations and their nearby members, regardless of whether the last are not EU or EFTA (Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland) residents don’t need any business licenses to work in Malta. Every other national, originating from non-EU and non-EFTA nations, and who are named as Third Country Nationals (TCNs), must present a single permit application to have the option to work and live in Malta.

What types of Malta Work Permit available to foreign workers in Malta?

Malta offers different types of visas for foreign people, including tourist visas, business visas, and visas for clinical purposes. If you are someone who resides in UAE and are looking to get your Malta work permit visa, get in touch with BALKANS Immigration as we are the best Malta immigration consultant in UAE. If you are someone who is looking for Malta jobs in UAE, have a couple of choices with regards to visas:

The short-stay visa is a kind of Schengen visa, which implies it permits outside nationals to enter different nations inside the Schengen region. This visa is accessible in three structures to oblige single entries, double entries, and multiple entries. The C Malta work permit allows the holder to stay in Malta for as long as a quarter of a year, paying little heed to the number of entries permitted.

The D visa permits far off nationals to remain in Malta for over a quarter of a year. This is the visa foreign employees will need to live and work in Malta for an all-inclusive timeframe. People who are going to Malta to study will require a D visa too.


Along with a long-stay visa, foreign employees will also require a work permit. This permit offered to foreign nationals is also known as an Employment license.

The process for obtaining single permits is long and sets aside some effort to be settled. Employers have to prove, barring few special cases, that they have attempted to fill the vacancies with people from Malta or EU/EFTA nations, prior to presenting an application for a forthcoming TCN representative. Every application must be joined by duplicates of opportunity adverts and a covering letter from the Employer who is needed to state a reason for employing the TCN candidate. There are special cases if the opportunities are for candidates in the territories referenced beneath:


If the application is dismissed, a letter of notice will be sent within 15 days of use. Should the application be approved, it is then shipped to the stakeholder concerned who will take around a month and a half to process it further. When the license in issued permit is given, the candidate is quickly informed and an engagement form is generated stating the first day of the validity of the Malta work permit.

Malta work permit can be renewed by presenting an application for restoration, which must be accompanied by documentation confirming that income tax and national insurance commitments have been properly paid for the first 12 months.


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